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Effects of Terrorist Attacks on Business in Paris

The horrors of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th are still fresh. At least 129 people have been reported dead while hundreds are injured. The Friday night was filled with hostage situations and a shooting rampage. Earlier in January, Paris has suffered similar attack and the bloodshed lasted for three days.

Attacks on Paris are sure to affect its economy and wholesomely the economy of France. Immediate consequences felt by the French capital have been destruction of infrastructure and loss of citizens who are human resource. The Bataclan thearte which was scene to 89 of the killings has been shut down and sealed off.

Paris is known for its culture and the city is home to many treasures. Since the attacks all public cultural sites have been closed alongside public spaces. The affected sites include the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. Schools, libraries and offices have also been closed as a state of emergency is declared.

Tourism is the biggest earner for Paris. It has put the city on the map as one of th wealthiest cities in France. At least half a million jobs in Paris rely on the tourism industry. The attacks guarantee to affect tourism negatively. Already many travelers have cancelled their bookings to Paris. Travelling to France will also be limited since the country has closed its borders. 254 of the city’s Metro stations have been shut down. Many tourists in Paris are also desperate to leave in fear for their lives. The closure of tourist information offices will not help the situation either.

The blow in the tourism will lead to lower earnings in the French capital. It is too early to estimate the effect of the attacks on the tourism industry. Other business have also been affected. Restaurants and cafes have had low customer as people remain indoors following the government orders. Many businesses also remained closed yesterday after the attacks.

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