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French financial markets to be open as usual on Monday 16th

Following the recent terror attacks in France, many local businesses and markets closed to not only show their respects to lives lost but also to provide aid to those in need. One of the biggest businesses to close over the course of the weekend was the French financial market, somewhat similar to Wall Street, as a sign of respect but also for the safety of their employees.

The impact of the terrorist attacks in France has not only shaken the civilian population, but has also negatively impacted the stock value of many local businesses and even the Euronext stock value. Predictions are that the stock value of local businesses will raise to normal levels in the coming weeks.

The news has been released that the French Financial Markets will be open for business as usual on Monday the 16th November, but with “increased security measures to ensure the safety of all staff and members of the public”, a representative stated.

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